So Tom Brady had a pretty big game against the Bears…the Bucs crushed the Bears 38-3 and he threw his 600th touchdown pass to Mike Evans.  Evans didn’t immediately realize that and gave that ball to a fan wearing his jersey!  Fortunately, that fan, Byron Kennedy,  realized Tom should probably have that ball and he got hooked up with a different ball, an autographed jersey, some Pro Shop gift cards and other stuff. Kennedy told Ryan Bass of 10 Tampa Bay on Monday that Brady deserved the ball, but he’s hoping the seven-time Super Bowl champion will play a round of golf with him.

But that’s not the only special moment that happened at that game. Tom spotted a sign that read “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer” held by a kid in the stands. Tom went over and gave that special kid, 9-year-old Noah, his hat!  Noah said watching highlight reels of Tom Brady helped him get through his treatments. Not only is Tom the G.O.A.T….but he’s an amazing human!

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