Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is finding that, after spending 20 years in New England, moving to a new city doesn’t come without an adjustment period.

Brady was told this past week by a city employee that he couldn’t work out in a public park in downtown Tampa because of the city’s coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders. But earlier this month, Brady had an even more embarrassing episode: He walked into the wrong home.

According to TMZ, on April 7, Brady had planned to visit the home of offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. Brady walked into the home next door without knocking before coming face-to-face with the homeowner and realizing he was in the wrong home. To be fair…the house he was looking for was right next door…and looked super similar!


By accident, Tom busted into David Kramer’s house. “I’m sitting here, and I see this big shadow come up to my front door … and I hear my doorknob turning … and I’m like, What the hell? Like, who’s coming in my house?” “I literally was just sitting here, and I watch this tall guy walk in my house.”

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