Three high school seniors in Texas changed a man’s life in the best way.

Mr. James cleans the halls of a high school in Callisburg, Texas not because he loves to work but because he had to get a job last month because of the rise in the cost of living. Three students there noticed and were moved to do something. One of the students, Banner Tidwell, said, “It was just so sad seeing an 80-year-old man having to do things an 80-year-old shouldn’t have to do.” 

So his friend, Greyson Thurman, shared a TikTok video that showed Mr. James cleaning the halls and started a GoFundMe to possibly get some financial help for him. They raised $10,000 in the first 12 hours, with most of the donations coming from students.

The GoFundMe account has continued to gain momentum and surpassed $244,000!

Another one of the students, Marti Yousko, said, “It’s crazy to see. We knew people would want to help but we didn’t know it would blow up.”






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