This New Viral Challenge is Actually Making a Difference

Used Coffee mug at sidwalk as symbol for pollution

Viral challenges have become all the rage and each one seems to be a bit dumber than the last. That is until now. A new viral challenge is encouraging positive change.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been greeted with viral trends that have run the gambit from fun and safe, to dumb, to dangerous and outright stupid. Also, let’s not forget that the ice bucket challenge raised enough money to make some staggering breakthroughs in ALS research.

A new viral challenge is encouraging change in another way. It’s called the “Trashtag Challenge”

This challenge, spreading across Twitter, Instagram and Reddit is encouraging people to take a walk outside and pick up the litter they may come across.

Our contribution in Portland, Oregon. This trash would have eventually ended up in the Willamette River. from r/pics

Read more and find out how you can get involved HERE.



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