This Kentucky Judge Did WHAT In Her Courtroom?!

Okay, so… in a story the caliber of which a soap subplot or even season finale could be based on; A Kentucky judge accused of inappropriate behavior — including having special sexy time with two other people — in her courtroom — has just been suspended without pay. Kenton County’s Judge Dawn Gentry’s suspension comes two months after she was placed under investigation for a laundry list of alleged infractions, according to the Judicial Conduct Commission of Kentucky.

Gentry reportedly fired a staffer to hire her lover, a former pastor she plays with in a rock band. (which is ridiculous in itself…)

As if that wasn’t bold enough Dawn didn’t stop there. She would then have the special sexy time with him and a female employee in her empty courtroom. Yes another employee…of the legal system… no irony to be seen there at all. Gentry’s attorney calls the suspension unfair, saying his client is fit to remain on the bench. “She was fair and listened to the arguments and wrote good legal opinions,” says lawyer Stephen Ryan. However, State Representative Adam Koenig calls the Gentry’s behavior “extremely troubling,” adding her charges “reflect an abuse of power, among other issues.”  I think we know who didn’t get an invite to the courtroom soiree here.

She’s also been accused of inaccurate time sheets, allowing staff to store and consume alcoholic beverages in court offices, drinking on the job herself, ordering her staff to work on her re-election campaign and forcing workers to vote for her, bringing her children to work and allowing them to witness confidential court proceedings, per the commission. In short, sis was wildin’!

A hearing for Gentry’s case is set to be announced some time this week (as if they need one)

You had a comical run Dawn, rock on!


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