This Is The Dumbest Lawsuit You Will Ever Hear About

Beautiful young parents and their cute little daughter are smiling while choosing school stationery in the supermarket. Mom is making notes in the list

A 27 year old man in India is bringing a lawsuit against his parents and the reason for it will leave you speechless and maybe even a little angry.

Have you ever heard of Anti-Natalism? It’s basically the belief that the Earth would be better off if humans didn’t exist. I’m just going to go out on a limb and assume that the followers of this belief system are bright, uplifting people to hang out with.

Raphael Samuel of New Delhi seems to be a believer of sorts. He’s suing his parents for bringing him into this world without his consent. You read that right.

Raphael says he has a great relationship with his parents but that they had him for THEIR joy and THEIR pleasure.

If you have some time and a little curiosity, you can tumble down the rabbit hole of insanity with Mr. Samuel on his Facebook page. He’s got a whole 800 followers. You can also check out his latest video on Youtube as well.

Read more about this story HERE.



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