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A California dog walker had the opportunity to adopt a disabled chicken, and social media loved him so much they’ve sent over 60 pairs of tiny shoes and boots.

The chicken lost its toes to leg scale mites and Meech Davignon adopted him and had to use Vaseline and cotton wool three times a day to nurse the chicken back to health. And Meech decided to name the chicken Nubz, who happens to be very charismatic and rules the roost of dogs, cats, guinea pigs and 11 other chickens, even though he hobbled around.

But Nubz was having a hard time moving on hard surfaces, so she put on a pair of tiny dog slippers that her smallest dog never used. She thought they might help Nubz. They did…and after a year, Meech thought hey let’s make a Tik Tok channel for Nubz the chicken wearing shoes…and you can imagine the internet loved that.


@calliopenubzBecause it deserves more attention, just look at his little strut 😭🥰❤️ This little dude has improved so much!!! Help us share his awesomeness! Please like, comment, share, interact… we are trying to raise money for a sanctuary and every view helps us ❤️❤️❤️

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Pretty soon, people from all over were commenting if they could send Nubz new shoes. The packages began arriving by the dozen, and soon Nubz could pick between Sunday shoes, blue suede shoes, dinosaur claw boots, plush booties, sandals, and more. Now Nubz is rocking a wardrobe of about 60 pairs of shoes!! 



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