This Adorable YouTuber Thanking His Subscribers Individually Is The Purist Thing On The Internet

The Internet doesn’t get more pure than sweet senior citizen Nilson Izaias.

We should note that it’s all in Portuguese, but still precious even if you can’t speak or read a lick of it. He loves to post stories about the flowers and fruits in his garden. Well In December, Nilson decided to write all of his subscribers down in a notebook, then thank them individually in a video.  Precious.

The only problem? He got WAYYYYY MORE SUBSCRIBERS. Like he went from 1,862 subscribers to over 1.6 million!  He’s going to need a few more notebooks.

His video making homemade slime has over 3.5 million views.  Translated he said, “My slime worked. I got here this time. I made my dream my friends.”

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