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This 5-Year-Old Wins A Staring Contest With A Bobcat

Bobcat, Lynx rufus, pauses while hunting, to stare at camera.

Not sure if this is a Feel Good or A Setting the Bar or both…but a 5-year-old little girl won a staring contest with a bobcat in her backyard. This is in Colorado…little Ryan came in to tell her parents, Eric and Nicole that she just saw a giant cat in their yard while riding her Big Wheel. They just thought at first it was a regular house cat and that she was being a little dramatic…but then they checked the security camera footage.

They saw Ryan riding her big wheel and coming face to face with a bobcat. (audio) They stared at each other for 22 seconds before Mr. Bobcat turned and left. Ryan wasn’t freaked out. She thinks she’s the bobcat whisperer now.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife said bobcats are found statewide in Colorado, but the animals are “secretive and seldom seen.”

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