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The Treats Children Leave for Santa Around the World

Not everyone leaves milk and cookies! In the United States, leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus is the norm. But these countries around the world have different traditions.

  1. Australia: Beer and cookies! December is a summer month in Australia, making beer a perfect thirst-quencher for Santa.
  2. Ireland: A pint of Guinness. Now we’re talking! Irish children typically leave the late night pick-me-up near the tree.
  3. England: A glass of sherry wine. The sherry is meant to warm Saint Nick on a cold Christmas night.  It’s often paired with mince pie.
  4. France:  Carrots, biscuits and shoes. The biscuits for Santa and carrots for the reindeer are left in shoes at night, replaced by gifts in the morning.
  5. Germany: Handwritten letters. The Germans write to the “Christkind,” a sort of Christmas angel, in exchange for gifts.

So there you have it. Santa gets a variety of treats from around the world!

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