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It’s a heartbreaking perspective not often told, from the parents of a mass shooter. Todd and Lisa Sturgeon said right at the beginning they were concerned they would say something that could be construed as disrespectful to the victims or their families. But they felt like they should tell their story. As “Today” Savannah Guthrie pointed out, Conner Sturgeon didn’t fit the profile. He was a former athlete in school, had a girlfriend, a good job and a loving family. So how could this have ever happened??

They said their son, Connor, had been struggling for a year with anxiety and panic attacks. He was in treatment with two mental health professionals. But they believed wholeheartedly that his issues were being managed. Even when he called her a week before the shooting saying he had a panic attack and was in crisis, she met with him for lunch and moved up an appointment with his doctor. She even went to the appointment with him. All seemed well the day before on Easter Sunday as Connor helped with an Easter egg hunt.

Now they spent sleepless nights replaying every moment they may have missed, just trying to comprehend what led to his fatal decision. Despite that, some of the victims’ families have reached out to the Sturgeons saying they are praying for them as well.

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