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The Star Wars Episode 9 Teaser Trailer Just Dropped and We’re Shook

Star Wars Episode 9 has been the talk of just about anyone who even slightly nerds out about Star Wars. Now, we have the teaser trailer and it is CRAZY!

Here are some notable take-aways:
1. Rey HAS to be a Jedi Master by now. I mean…who else jumps over a Tai Fighter?! Obi Wan certainly never did. Neither did Darth, or Yoda, or Luke or ANYONE ELSE!
2. Chewie!!!!
3. How about Lando at the controls of the Falcon?!
4. Was that Emperor Palpatine laughing at the end?!
5. That looks like a giant chunk of the ol Death Star in the ocean there at the end.

Ok…let’s watch it again…

GAH! This is gonna be so bitterwseet. The end of an era. The end of a franchise. Since 1977, the Skywalker family has had us engulfed in their own saga and now it all comes to an end.

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