Meghan Trainor recently announced on Today that she’s expected her second little one this summer. This was a goal of hers for 2023 because she wants to have four kids total!

In a recent interview with People, she revealed that she suspected she was having twins due to her intense cravings. She thought that maybe she was eating for three instead of two,

This pregnancy, I’m hungry to the point where I was like, ‘Is it twins?’ But it’s not twins, sadly. I wanted twins.

She added that her husband, Daryl Sabara, is a twin. She has hoped it would pass down to their own kids. There’s still time. She’s only halfway to her hope for FOUR.

Speaking of cravings, one of her go-tos is barbecue Pringles. She even has a commercial with them in the Super Bowl this weekend:

Peep the whole People article for more tidbits on Meghan’s new book, Dear Future Mamas.

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