The Reason She Wrecked is One We Can All Relate To

Horizontal image of a venomous brown recluse or fiddle back spider. The image was shot from slightly above the spider giving a clear image of the spider's markings. There is great detail in his eyes, fangs and head or cephalothorax.

A New York woman is recovering from a broken leg and other minor injuries after wrecking her car for a reason we can all relate to.

I’m sure it’s a fear that’s nestled deep inside of all of us. And there’s a good chance at one time, you were forced to face the fear and overcome it. The fear I speak of, is spiders. As if those 8 legged demons weren’t creepy enough in your house, imagine seeing one sharing the driver’s seat with you in the car…WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING!

A New York woman is currently recovering in a hospital after veering off the road and totaling her car. As she was driving, she noticed a spider in the driver’s seat with her. She panicked, veered off the road and crashed into a stone wall. You can see the picture here.

Same fear, different bug. How about when you’re driving in the summer time, check the rear-view and see a bee or a wasp or a hornet or a yellow jacket just buzzin back and forth in the rear window. WHAT DO YOU DO?! I don’t care if I’m in the middle lane on the Watterson at 4:45 on Friday leading into a holiday weekend. I’m slamming on the breaks and jumping outta the car like Tommy Boy!



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