What year is this?? Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic Jurassic Park nabbed the No. 1 spot at the US box office for a fourth time in its history over Father’s Day weekend, earning $517,600 at 230 locations. It was followed closely by another Spielberg thriller, 1975’s Jaws, which brought in $516,300 at 187 theaters.

With the coronavirus pandemic still going strong, “the vast majority of theaters playing the classic movies are drive-ins.” Indoor theaters aren’t expected to be open before mid-July. Jurassic Park hadn’t topped the box office since 1993, when it held the No. 1 spot for three consecutive weekends following its release, though it did take the fourth spot with a reissue in April 2013. It regained the top spot again in its 1,411th weekend, though Jaws wasn’t far behind in its 2,349th weekend. Invisible Man and Trolls World Tour—which have both claimed the top spot recently—came third and fourth with $201,300 and $160,000, respectively.



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