Cesar Millan is known as the “Dog Whisperer”…but apparently wasn’t able to control his own pet pit bull, Junior. Now Junior has since passed away at the age of 15, but Millan is facing a lawsuit for some violent attacks.

Gymnast Lidia Matiss filed the complaint that she suffered severe bite injuries that sent her to the ER when she went to visit her mom who worked for Millan at his training facility in 2017. She said Junior was “unsupervised and unleashed,” and that her injuries stopped her from later competing in her sport due to pain. In the lawsuit, Matiss alleges that Millan knew about his dog’s violent tendencies but still allowed him to go without a leash.  She also includes in the claims that Junior had previously bitten other people and dogs, including one owned by Queen Latifah. The document claims Latifah brought two of her dogs to Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center, and Junior “mauled one of (QL’s) dogs to death”. Even worse, Matiss claims Millan covered it up by instructing staff to tell Latifah her dog was hit by a car.

The lawsuit is asked for unspecified damages.


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