No denying, “Señorita” was a HUGE hit for Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Well, back in 2019, Charli XCX discussed co-writing “Senorita” saying the song wasn’t right for her but it was perfect for Camila and Shawn.

Charli said, “I knew immediately the song wasn’t for me, but that it was good. This Latin pop flare just wasn’t right for who I am because I am not a part of that culture, I’m not from there. Whereas Camila has that in her blood, so when we wrote the song we thought about her and sent it to her.

Charli, who is of Indian and Scottish descent, says she had fun writing the song alongside Camila and Shawn, who added things to make the song more their own.  “I think both of them are really brilliant artists, so I was happy to be a part of that,” Charli said to Complex Canada in 2020.

Now you know!

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