Because 2020 is already one of the most bizarre years on record, and also because they know we won’t really bat an eyelash, TGI Fridays has nominated a potato skin for president.

The chain announced on Thursday that one of its potato skins — sorry, the Potato Skin — has announced its candidacy to become leader of the free world.


“POTUS? Or POTATUS?” the restaurant chain asks. “You decide.”

“He’s always been a potato for the people, if that makes sense,” added the Potato Skin’s “campaign manager” Sara Bittorf, also TGI Fridays’ chief experience officer.

“I mean, it’s 2020. It could happen,” Bittorf remarked in what was likely intended as a lighthearted joke and genius marketing ploy. The aim is to unite the country in a love for appetizers! Anyone willing to support the candidate and “join the party” — i.e., sign up for TGI Fridays’ rewards program — will also earn a free appetizer.

Apparently, this is also the second time TGI Fridays has attempted such a stunt: In 2016, the same Potato Skin is said to have run a “surprisingly strong campaign,” by TGI Fridays’ own account.


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