Four Illinois teens are being called hometown heroes after witnessing a multi-car accident on their way to homecoming and rescued children from the wreckage.

Savanna, Piper, Dominik, and Damin stopped in the suburbs northwest of Chicago, to eat before heading to the Johnsburg High School homecoming dance. According to a Facebook post by the Johnsburg Police Department, they heard a crash and immediately sprung into action.

The four assisted in removing multiple young children from the car and carrying them to the safety of the side of the road, while police and paramedics arrived on-location and tended to the crash scene and care of the mother,” the Facebook post reads. “The four cared for the young children on the side of the road until they could be returned to their mother.”

The Johnsburg Police Department wanted to show the students gratitude for their heroic actions, but they also wanted to make sure the teens enjoyed their high school dance. “The four were provided an escort to the High School in marked squads with lights and sirens and dropped off outside the entrance to the dance,” according to the police department’s Facebook post.

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