Source: YouTube

A teen named Sherman Bynum in Washington State didn’t want a normal ride to prom…he rolled up in a World War II army tank. He and some buddies raised $1000 on Tik Tok and a GoFundMe to rent this M3A1 Stuart tank from an army gear collector named Steve Greenburg. He’s 65 but has been collecting army gear since high school. “If it wasn’t for tanks and the guys that drove them and worked on them and fought in them in World War II we wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

The best part is the tank (which is street legal) was escorted by a kilt-wearing Darth Vader on a unicycle playing bagpipes. He’s known in the area as the “Unipiper”. Sherman had talked about the idea with his father before his dad passed away recently. So he wanted to go through with it to honor him! 

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