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Really good teachers pay attention to the little things about her students. And that’s what Western High School teacher Cicily Bullard did when she noticed a student was too embarrassed to take his hoodie off because of his hair. So she put a post out on Facebook a few weeks ago asking for a barber to volunteer their services, and launched the “In the Cut” initiative to boost confidence.

Her friend Ro answered the call: “We want to help these kids, so if I got to come everyday to give you a haircut so you feel good and confident that’s what I’m going to do.” It started with a few students and has grown to 10 kids wanting a cut.  Many students live in poverty and go months without a cut. They have more confidence, which affects their participation in class.

Any student who needs a haircut can head to Bullard’s class in room 228 every Friday during 5th period.



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