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She’s been to two back to back Chiefs games rooting on a certain #87, and the NFL is loving football (Taylor’s Version)! So is the Internet because it’s doing what the Internet does in these moments: making amazing memes.

Taylor’s presence boosted NBC’s Sunday Night Football to its biggest audience of the season to date, averaging 27 million viewers across all platforms. Swifties were a big part of that. She went out for a girls’ night after Sunday’s game against the Jets, but spent Saturday with Travis Kelce. Oh, and because Taylor was at the game with Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and the director of “Deadpool 3”, people now think she’s in the movie as Dazzler, a superhero who’s also a rock star. We’ll see if that theory turns out true! 

BTW…Kelce credits two people for helping him connect with Swift: sports reporters Erin Andrews and Carissa Thompson. They have a “Calm Down” podcast where they took time in an August episode to urge Taylor to give Travis a chance!

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