Taylor Swift Themed Snacks

Who wants a Back to Decemburger?

Yes, there’s a football game, but there’s also a great reason to get the whole family involved in the fun. That reason? Taylor Swift.

Of course you’ll need a bottle of Seemingly Ranch on hand. Perhaps a plate of raisins as well? That’s a reference to when Jack Antonoff posted a photo of her eating raisins after finishing the song “You’re Losing Me,” saying she wrote the song after eating the raisins. Besides that, here are several Taylor Swift-themed foods you can prepare to make your party extra special!

Back to “Decemburgers”

Speak Now if you want these delicious sliders at your party! Grab the recipe HERE!

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice “Wings”

Please enjoy these big Reputation fried wings! Recipe HERE.

You Belong With “Brie”

Get Fearless (Taylor’s Version) with this baked brie recipe. Here you go!

“Cauliflower” What You Want

Snag the recipe for these “Reputation-Era” buffalo cauliflower bites – HERE.

“Lavender Haze” Lemonade

Mmmm… nice refreshing lemonade with a hint of lavender from the Midnights-era. Snag the recipe HERE.

Getaway “Carbs”

How about a bread bowl with kale & artichoke dip from the “Reputation-Era“? We think yes. Here’s the recipe.

My “Beers” Ricochet

For those over 21, how about a beer-station with a Folklore theme?


For something sweet, try out these s’mores from Evermore! Here’s the recipe.


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It doesn’t matter who you’re cheering for on Sunday, these will make your party memorable! Yum!

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