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Taylor Swift posted on social media about her Eras Tour shows at Wembley Stadium, and her man getting in on the act during a skit for the ‘Tortured Poets Department Era” of the show.



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Kelce is proud to support his lady!


On a side note, some Swifties say they are experiencing some amnesia after going to the show! “I have post-concert amnesia because why do I not remember the eras tour at all?” Swiftie and TikTok user @champaigeproblems said in a recent video. “Like I was there and know it was the time pf [sic] my life, but why do I not remember it?”


@champaigeproblems i blackout for 95% of every concert i attend 🙋‍♀️ #concerts #relatable #concertamnesia #fangirl #erastour #hslot #goodriddancetour ♬ Need 2 (Instrumental) – hazel & instrumental version & karaoke boy

Experts say the rush could impact memory. “The emotion of the situation can mean people are so immersed in it and emotional that the details of the event aren’t as well formed as they might expect,” Dr. Punit Shah said. Interestingly, intense emotions can create more vivid memories as well, which can be known as “flashbulb” memories.

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