Seriously Taylor Swift is an angel, a secret ninja, and a superhero all in one.

Lindsay, a super mega-fan of Taylor Swift, got into a horrible car accident in Nashville and posted on Twitter about it! Her airbags didn’t go off, she wasn’t wearing a seat belt, and she broke her neck, back and more! (Please wear your seat belts pals!)

The accident was near fatal! Low and behold, Taylor Swift, the QUEEN and absolute love of this girl’s life, somehow heard and sent her a letter and get well flowers!!!!

Hi buddy. I’m so sorry to hear about the accident. My heart aches knowing that such a wonderful person is having to go through this,” wrote Swift on the note. “I hope these flowers brighten your day. You’re gonna rock that neck brace and soon we’ll all be bopping at shows together again. Give hugs to your family for me. I’m so happy you’re okay. Love, Taylor,” the card reads.

Who sent Taylor over? Nobody knows!!! Maybe Lindsay had a guardian angel watching over…better yet, maybe it was the power of Taylor Swift!

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