Source: YouTube

Taylor Swift baked homemade cinnamon rolls for Travis Kelce before the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers game on October 22nd. Because she’s awesome and of course she did!!

That’s according to former NFL player Bernie Kosar, who attended a pre-game dinner at Kelce’s house. “That was at his house like three hours before the game. We’re having pregame meal and Taylor is so nice she comes in by herself and she’s so cool, she brings, she made her homemade cinnamon rolls for Travis for pregame meal,” he said in a new interview.

Kosar added that meeting Swift was “spectacular.” “You couldn’t have a better role model for young parents, young kids out there to look up to her,” he said. “Her genuine attention to people and paying attention and consideration — oh, it was just spectacular to watch.”

We love to see the sporting world discover the awesomeness of Taylor that we’ve known for over a decade! Now give us that cinnamon roll recipe, Taylor! lol

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