Taylor Lautner Admits He Thought Kanye-Taylor Moment At 2009 VMAs Was A “Skit”

Taylor Lautner and his wife, also Taylor Lautner, have a fairly new podcast called The Squeeze. Or at least the wife does and she features her husband on it.

A clip of a recent episode made its way onto TikTok via Podcast Nation where the man Taylor admits that if he could go back in time to a moment to change it, he would choose the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where Kanye West infamously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance of an award. He thought it was a skit!

Mrs. Lautner says “I’m deceased” with a silly grin knowing exactly what happened at that show.

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He says he could barely hear the exchange and assumed it was a practiced skit for the show. He only realized that it was not part of the show when he saw his then-girlfriend, Taylor Swift’s face.



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