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You Laugh You Lose

You Laugh You Lose: Busty Crustacean

Every week Ben & Kelly sling "dad jokes" back and forth to one another and the first…

You Laugh You Lose: Valentine’s Day Edition

Can Kelly hold on to the trophy she’s basically moved her life into…or will Ben snatch it…

You Laugh You Lose: Man Who Can’t Stand

Could Ben hold on to that sweet sweet Supreme Victor trophy, or does he kiss it goodbye?  

You Laugh You Lose: I’ll Return?

Kelly is armed with jokes submitted by listeners on FB…are they enough for her to hang on…

You Laugh You Lose: Bread In Captivity

After a tragic FAIL of a first round when Kelly laughed at her own comment after ONE…

You Laugh You Lose: Driving Me Nuts

Kelly is in possession of the coveted trophy, but can she NOT laugh at Ben’s (or her…

You Laugh You Lose: Test Tickles

Kelly attempts to snatch the Supreme Victor trophy from Ben's clutches with her #DadJokes…was she successful? The…

You Laugh You Lose: Holiday Edition

We introduce the Supreme Winner Trophy!! First one to laugh LOSES!

You Laugh, You Lose – Thanksgiving Edition

Here are a few to get YOU started this Thanksgiving.

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