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down syndrome

Ohio Dad Of 10 Buys Ice Cream To Run With His Two Kids With Down Syndrome

Joel Wegener is a dad of 10 in the Cincinnati area that decided to buy an ice…

Try Not To Cry Happy Tears With This 14-Year-Old Telling Her Dad She Made The Drill Team

Kecia Cox tells PEOPLE it’s been a “really touching” few weeks ever since her 14-year-old daughter Bree…

The Most Magical Touchdown You’ll See All Week

A great story comes out of North Carolina where a school honored its manager on Senior Night…

Guy Asks His Brother To Be His Best Man With Message In A Bottle…And We Can’t Stop CRYING

Will asked his brother Henry to help him dig. Then he slipped a piece of paper in…

This Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

Kelly Clarkson gave us all the feels featuring the moms who orchestrated a viral reunion of their…

This Is One Of The Best Things You’ll See Today

A Florida boy with Down Syndrome surprised his cheerleader girlfriend asking her to Homecoming!!!

Shia LaBeouf Is In A New Movie…And It Looks AMAZING

This looks like the bestest, most heartwarming movie… EVER. 

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