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Swifties Are Mad At Burger King

This might be the dumbest beef (LOL) I’ve seen.

Taylor Swift fans aka ‘Swifties’ are mad at Burger King over snarky joke about her songs. It all started when someone on Twitter asked the Burger King account what its favorite song from Taylor is. The account replied, “The one about her ex.” That’s HILARIOUS because they are ALL about her exes amiright???  It’s not mean…it’s just funny because it’s true. RELAX SWIFTIES.


But no…Swifties have zero chill if they think someone is even REMOTELY throwing any shade. One user wrote that Burger King’s remark was “sexist,” while a different fan added “After all this Burger King controversy…now I want McDonald’s.”

And so that’s why #BurgerKingIsOverParty was trending on Twitter.



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