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Survey Finds Kentuckians Have Been Drunk for 50 Hours During Lockdown, Indiana for 100 Hours

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Well this is a little awkward. A new survey looked to discover just how much time people spent drinking during the 11 week lockdown, and it turns out Indiana drinks WAY more than Kentucky! To see the whole study, click here!

From WAVE3 News:

American Addiction Centers, a provider of rehabilitation resources and programs, conducted a survey of 3,200 adults (aged 21+) to find out how much time they have actually spent drunk during lockdown. Overall, it was found that the average Kentucky adult was drunk for 50 hours during the first 11 weeks of lockdown.

That may seem like a lot, but the Bluegrass State was one of only 10 states below the century mark. Indiana residents spent 102 hours drunk during the 11-week period, the survey indicated.

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