Metallica met Joe Quinn, who played Eddie on “Stranger Things”. They did a “Master of Puppets” jam session together before the show.

Hours before Metallica acknowledged the Stranger Things-fueled resurgence of “Master of Puppets” during their Lollapalooza set, the metal icons hung out and jammed backstage with actor Joseph Quinn, whose character Eddie Munson is responsible for the song’s renewed popularity.


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Quinn was on-site, where Netflix arranged a meet-up between Metallica and the actor. “I’m a big fan of [Stranger Things]. Have been since Season 1,” James Hetfield told Quinn. “My kids and I, it’s a bonding experience for us.” Quinn was then invited to “jam” in the band’s tuning room prior to their headlining set Thursday, with the actor ably holding his own. “We’d like to make an announcement: Metallica is now a five-piece,” Lars Ulrich quipped.

The band also gifted Quinn a B.C. Rich guitar that resembled the one that his character used to fend off demons on Stranger Things in a pivotal scene. Ulrich even gave Quinn an all-access pass that would allow him to catch Metallica at any of their shows.

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