A Police Department in Massachusetts said in a Facebook post that Animal Control Officer Michelle Carlos was called out on a report of a Yorkshire terrier running loose and when she found him, he looked like he had “not been taken care of.” The Yorkie was scanned for a microchip and he was identified as Rex, belonging to Marzena Niejadlik of Boston.

She had bought Rex as a puppy for her family after her brother’s death. “We were all devastated, and I was thinking a dog would bring some cure to my family, especially my mom,” She said, “He snuck out between the legs when someone was leaving the house for a moment and we had a witness that someone pulled over and took him from the street.” That was 9 years ago! Marzena said Rex had a great night at their home and loved meeting her kids,” the police department said. “He was treated to a day of beauty and all is right in the world.”

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