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The “Sound of Freedom” opened July 4 on just 2600 screens and has become a surprise hit among big budget movies.  But here’s the kicker…“Sound of Freedom” was originally set at 20th Century Fox and was completed in 2018 before Disney bought studio and buried the project. Angel Studios bought it and raised $5 million of its $14.5 million budget through crowdfunding as 7,000 jumped on board to help make it happen. It has taken in $40 million since opening through social media and word of mouth advertising.  No small feat going up against “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” (which cost $295 million to make) and “Insidious: The Red Door.”

There seems to be controversy about the movie being based on a “conspiracy theory”.  Yes, some things in the movie were changed for the sake of time and storytelling. For example, in the movie Ballard and his crew rescued 54 kids in the sting operation. In real life, they actually rescued MORE: 123 people including 55 children. The interaction that happened between a little boy Ballard rescued at the Mexican border did happened and they filmed it in the exact spot it happened. And yes, Tim Ballard started an organization called Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) after that sting operation. O.U.R. is a non-profit that has been involved with over 4,000 operations, has impacted more than 7,000 lives, and has been involved with over 6,500 arrests. For a full breakdown of what was true and what was changed in the movie, read HERE.

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