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So Did “Couch Guy” Cheat?

TikTok user (and Purdue University student) Lauren Zarras, surprises her boyfriend at college and it looks to be an awkward exchange. He’s sitting on the couch with 3 other women and doesn’t jump up immediately to greet her when she walks into his apartment.


@laurenzarrasrobbie had no idea♬ still falling for you – audiobear

Everyone has dubbed him “couch guy” and there are plenty of parody TikToks popping up showing girlfriends surprising their boyfriends and “catching” them cheating.  Lauren herself has responded and at first was ticked off so many people assumed the worst about her relationship. She DOES know the girls…and now there’s merch LOL.


@laurenzarrasReply to @jizzzlleeh love y’all 😘♬ original sound – laurenzarras


@laurenzarrascouch guy t shirt♬ original sound – laurenzarras

As for “couch guy” himself…he’s responding too.


@souljawatchambassadorI love @laurenzarras , she’s the best. #couchguy♬ Tears In Brasil – Piero Piccioni

So it looks like Lauren and Robbie are good, but the Internet is another story!


@laurenzarrasRobbie content♬ cybersx doja cat – xxtristanxo


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