Snapchat is expanding its shows format, striking deals with a handful of digital-first and traditional media creators to help them launch projects that take advantage of the app’s shortform vertical video format.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, will offer motivational advice in his new show, Rules of Success. Serena Williams, Kevin Hart and such influencers as Emma Chamberlain and Rickey Thompson also have projects in the works.

The shows, which will begin premiering this summer, are part of Snapchat’s effort to create more opportunities for creators on its platform after past complaints from homegrown stars that it hasn’t done as much to help them build an audience as competitors YouTube and Instagram have.

“The creator community has been an increasing priority for us,” says Sean Mills, senior director of content at Snapchat, adding that shows are a new “opportunity for us to bring creators into a more premium content experience.”

Last October they launched a series of original content “from the some of the world’s greatest storytellers, with interactive experiences you can step into and share.”


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