Shut The Front Door, a 2-Foot-Tall Squirrel EXISTS

You thought all squirrels were small hand held guys right? Think again! A 2-foot tall squirrel was spotted in North Carolina!!!

For size reference, this guy is about 26 inches. They think he weighs a solid 3 pounds. Guys, this boy is taller than a beagle.┬áState wildlife officials posted the pictures on Facebook of this guy and lemme tell ya. He’s a big boy!

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: This is one of the top photos of an eastern fox squirrel I have seen from Candid Critters citizen…

Posted by North Carolina's Candid Critters on Friday, November 16, 2018

Not to burst the bubble of fun, but apparently it is a fox-squirrel. What the bleep is that? These guys are super super rare and are found in pine-oak forests of southeastern North Carolina. They are very occasionally spotted by people in the sandhills and coastal Plain. Live on big squirrels!!



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