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Terri Waddell is 97 and mentioned to her great-granddaughter Talena one day that she didn’t feel pretty. So Talena, who grew up wearing dresses made by Grandma Terri, says she knew it was time to go on a special shopping trip.

She and her mom took Grandma Terri to go dress shopping and shared their looks on TikTok, which blew up the next day. Waddell went to work when she was just 13-years-old and says she appreciates what she has in her life now. And all of the comments on the video absolutely made her feel pretty!


@talenacleyne My great grandma (97) who only ever wears pants and a tshirt told me she didn’t feel pretty anymore. This coming from such a strong, powerful and inspirational woman honestly broke my heart. She mentioned she might like to wear a dress again, and I know she hasnt worn one since Pa passed away, so I was determined to have this be a special and fun day for her. Mum and I took her dress shopping and we truley had the best girls day. She smiled and laughed so much (more than I’ve seen her laugh in a long time), she was obviously sassy as she always is, she was very particular and picky in the make of the dresses, the fabric used and the way it did up. It was beautiful to sit and watch her look in the mirror and admire who she was and how she looked in each dress, but also watch her point out what she didnt like about herself and some of the dresses (because thats human, and seeing my great grandma do exactly what I would do when trying on clothes was so incredibly relatable and realistic to the unrealistic standards we put on ourselves. I was so glad I could be there to tell her she looked beautiful because she truley is in every way), I watched her move around in the dresses to see how they would look when she was doing puzzles at the retirement village, I watched her face light up when she tried on a dress that made her feel pretty, but at the end of the day there was nothing like seeing her face when she tried on ‘the’ dress that made her feel all the wonderful things we see her for from on the outside but she never sees herself. She deserves to feel special and I’ll never take for granted how lucky I am to spend time and have these kinds of days with my great grandma ❤️ #grateful #special #wholesome #greatgrandma #grandma #girlsday #shopping #shoppingspree #fyp ♬ what was I made for? – Instrumental – Wheeler

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