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Got a follow up to a story we shared a few weeks back about a 16 year old having a hard time finding shoes for his size 23 feet.

Jor’el Bolden lives in Missouri and went viral when his mom started a GoFundMe to raise money for custom size 23 shoes that cost well over $1,000 per pair. She was on a mission because the size 22 shoes he had hurt too much to wear out. The GoFundMe page raised $11,000. And then…Shaquille O’Neal heard about the story and shipped three boxes of new shoes, clothes, and other items he chose out of his own closet!  Some had tags on, but how cool is it that Shaq’s closet is this kid’s thrift store?? Amazing!

Jor’el was stunned and grateful for not only Shaq’s generosity, but all who contributed to the GoFundMe. They will hang on to that for the future in case he needs size 24!

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