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Setting The Bar: Guy Mows The Lawn Before Stealing The Mower

If you can manage to make it through the day without stealing a lawnmower…after you mow their lawn…you’re doing ok.

So this kind of has a #FeelGood element to it in that the person who owned the lawnmower got their lawn mowed for free!  The bad part is that our hero/Good Samaritan Marcus Hubbard helped himself to taking the lawnmower after he mowed it. Oh…and he didn’t have permission to mow in the first place.  When cops arrived on the scene, he took off dragging the mower behind him.

One comment on the story said “He’s no thief. He just went to take it to the nearest fuel station to refuel it. What a nice guy.”  Well the mug shot painted a different story but yeah there you go!


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