Setting The Bar: Dancing In Front Of Your Mugshots On Tik Tok

If you can somehow manage to make it through the day without dancing in front of your mugshots, taunting police on Tik Tok, you’re doing ok.


That’s what this genius in Georgia did and it’s going viral.

The man is wanted as part of a 7 month undercover investigation on the sale of drugs in a restaurant in LaGrange, Georgia. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, 7 suspects have already been arrested in the investigation.

Earlier this month,  police posted on Facebook information about the man, along with 4 mugshots, asking the public for information that could help them locate the suspect.

This week, the man decided to have some fun with it and posted a video on TikTok dancing with his mug shots in the background with the caption, “Come and get me bi—h.”

In another TikTok video, he said, “Honestly, I’m not wanting to turn myself into Troup County Jail. It is so nasty and full of coronavirus. They haven’t been doing the necessary things to keep it contained. It’s beyond overcrowded, nobody gets a court date, it’s just wrong how the inmates are treated.”




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