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Why was Selena Gomez’s “Single Soon” removed?

Selena Gomez released “Single Soon” on August 25, 2023. The single was a huge hit, 99.7 DJX played it from the jump! Additionally, it garnered millions of streams on all major platforms. Many were shocked and surprised by the abrupt removal of the song from streaming platforms after no reason was given for the removal and fans were left to make assumptions over the song’s removal.

Fans doubted a glitch was the cause for removal, since multiple platforms affected. Fans were confused and questioned why despite having over 1.5 million daily streams on Spotify. Some sources cited “security reasons” for its removal.

While we get to the bottom of this, know that you’re still able to hear “Single Soon” and (shameless plug) many other popular songs for FREE 24/7 on 99.7 DJX!

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