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First Janice Turner, then her son, rapper Sean Kingston, were arrested on fraud and theft charges after police raided his Florida home May 23rd.

They are accused of committing over $1 million worth of fraud, including stealing money, jewelry, a Cadillac Escalade and furniture. A lawsuit filed against Kingston in February spawned the raid on his rented home according to attorney Dennis Card, who is representing Ver Ver Entertainment in the suit. The suit alleges that Kingston did not pay for numerous items he received from the company including a 232-inch TV.

Card went on to accuse Kingston of organizing a system of fraud: “He likes having bling, he likes showing off, he’s a showman,”  “My client has a $150,000 television sound system that’s in there, there’s also about $1 million worth of watches that are in there, there’s a $80,000 custom bed that was ordered. This is an organized systematic fraud.”

Kingston’s attorney, Robert Rosenblatt, says he’s confident they will find a “successful resolution.”

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