It’s official…Ryan Reynolds and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia creator and actor Rob McElhenney have completed their takeover of a Welsh soccer team. The deal for 156-year-old Wrexham AFC club — playing in English football’s fifth tier — was backed by the team’s supporters. Reynolds described Wrexham — the third-oldest professional football club in the world — as a “sleeping giant” this month and said: “The sky is the limit, we want Wrexham to be a global force.”


They will take control of the National League club for a “nominal sum” but have also pledged an immediate investment of $2.5M. “They’re really interested in taking something with real potential, which this club has, investing in it, molding it and watching it grow,” Wrexham director Spencer Harris said. “That journey is their ultimate motivation, and part of what they want to do is document that journey as they go. But I think it’s more about that journey.”



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