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Post’s New Music Video Is…Complex

Alright, so to check out Post Malone’s new visual for Circles you need both your phones (subtle flex) or a friends, a Spotify account on each phone, and some good old fashioned timing. The internet wants me to believe that this is so complicated that I need to watch an instructional video first, but as any man would do, I will be ignoring that. If you are a weak in the mind to achieve this you can always just enjoy the original video below.

For those of you equal to the task, let’s get into it! First things first, pull out your phones and open up Spotify on each phone. Next you’ll need the left phone to have “The Rapper’s Universe” playlist on it and the right phone to have “Today’s Top Hits” pulled up. Finally, find Circles on both playlists and simply press play at the EXACT same time. Got it?

To be honest it took me at least 5 attempts and about 10 good minutes of my life to do this… I would’ve just watched the instructional clip if I could find it, just wanted to sound cool. Which “Circles” video do you like more? The original or the one that has your going in circles?

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