In 2018, the world was scared for Pete Davidson’s cry for help on social media for his mental health. In 2019, it’s Post Malone we’re concerned for.

On Sunday January 6th around 10:30 AM, he shared a troubling tweet about his mental health on Twitter.

We don’t know about Post Malone having a history with mental health illness. We do know that he’s made a point to call out social media haters though. In August he had an emergency flight landing and received some nasty comments on his video about it.

“I landed guys,” he wrote. “Thank you for your prayers. Can’t believe how many people wished death on me on this website. F— you. But not today.”

Even on his tweet from Sunday, people were commenting nasty things too!

Luckily though he had a lot of support too!

Postey, whatever you’re going through, we’re praying for you!

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