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Oh this has to be up there on worst nightmares that can happen at the gym!

An Illinois woman named Alyssa took a tumble when she lost her footing on the treadmill and ended up with her leggings around her ankles and her face pretty banged up. Of course, it was captured on the gym surveillance cameras and footage went viral.  She said she was “so embarrassed” that she had to “leave immediately.”

We got some listener stories that are pretty epic:

  • Megan – A girl next to me last week was wearing a one shoulder sports bra (why???) and her boob popped out! I totally stared.
  • Went up to a girl who looked like a girl I flirt with a lot… She was stretching off in a corner and I come up and say “So how’d you get so flexible”. It wasn’t my friend, and I never learned how she got so flexible.
  • I fractured my elbow doing clapping chin ups in front of some girls. I missed the bar and cracked my elbow on the way down.
  • I thought it would be a good idea to put 2 lb weights in my pockets to weight my chin-ups a little. Pants fell down. I fell down trying to stop them. Landed on my ass with my pants by my knees. 
  • Kevin – I was doing leg press in white workout pants. I had not yet realized that a subtle case of diarrhea had set in. The result was devastating. I walked out with my back to the wall and never returned. I just started a year membership and just ate the $130 loss.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at the gym??

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