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“Pizza Baby” Has Captured The Internet’s Heart

A 1-year-old “chef” with a penchant for dribbling all over his workspace has become Instagram’s newest culinary hero.

What sets Chef Kobe aka “Pizza Baby” apart from the others is his ability to follow through, and actually cook an entire meal (with the help of his mom or dad). His over 700,000 Instagram followers can’t seem to get enough, either, at least judging by the 1 million views he earned for his Mother’s Day post, or the 1.7 million viewers who watched his pizza-making tutorial.

Chef Kobe is also super relatable, seeing as he’s not afraid to admit when he’s made a “gigantic mess” in the kitchen.  Seriously gotta follow this kid because everything he makes is MAGIC. And kudos to mom who basically has to make sure the bowl catches most of what he’s tossing around LOL

The vegetable pineapple kabobs look pretty great too!  Pro tip: take bites and just toss it in there. And don’t eat big pieces of onion.


BTW the strawberry shortcakes look UHMAZING

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