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Passenger Lands Airplane With No Experience

All three people on board the single engine Cessna airplane are alive and well thanks to the quick action of a passenger with no flight experience. Darren Harrison got support from air traffic controller Bobby Morgan in landing the plane in Florida after the pilot fell ill and unresponsive.  The pilot mentioned he wasn’t feeling well, had a headache and was fuzzy…before he passed out. That’s when Harrison realized the plane was in a nose dive and he had to do something.  He reached around the pilot from behind him and slowly pulled back on the controls, careful not to stall the aircraft or rip the wings off. That’s when he reach Morgan who was able to talk him through steadying the aircraft.  But it was all Harrison landing it as the plane disappeared from radar!  Next thing Morgan hears is Harrison saying “I’m on the ground…now what do you want me to do?”

Both men were amazing at keeping their calm during the whole ordeal!  Harrison was coming back from a fishing trip and is the VP of an interior design company…his wife is pregnant. The Today show sat down with Harrison as he recounted the entire experience! UPDATE: THE PILOT WAS RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL!!



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