June and Hubert Malicote were both born in rural Kentucky ten days apart on July 13, 1922, and July 23, 1922, respectively. Both eventually made their way to Hamilton, Ohio, while searching for work, where they met each other at Eaton Road Church one evening.  She was with a group of girls but looked back and smiled at him. 

June and Hubert got married in that same church on June 8, 1943. Hubert was then deployed with the Navy to Pearl Harbor for two years after their wedding.  The Malicotes settled back in Hamilton, where they raised three children and now have seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

The secret to 79 years of  wedded bliss? They’ve “never had a quarrel.” Their daughter, Jo, confirmed that.  “I never so much as even heard a harsh word spoken between the two of them,” she said. “It was almost as though every day was a date. They just took care of each other.”

While June has suffered a few strokes recently, the couple has kept a consistent routine that includes sharing a kiss before going to bed each night and enjoying weekly date nights at home.


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